Think you have the brains and brawn to embark on an city wide amazing adventure?



Urban Expedition is based on the popular reality TV show “The Amazing Race” where your group races around the city looking for red and yellow route markers.  Your group will be split into teams of two, three or four of your choice.  These teams will embark on an exhilarating quest while navigating through the cities and encountering interesting challenges that test their brains and brawn.

The racecourse is preset in different areas of the city.  However, we are flexible to tweak our racecourse to meet your venue requirements where you like your event to be concluded.  We recommend the expedition finishes at a bar or a restaurant for drinks, food, post-race story telling and awards recognition.



Urban Expedition starts with a pre-race orientation to explain the rules, provides emergency contact and the first clue.  Then, teams must follow clues to go to each and every destination.  Along the way, some destinations will have teams to accomplish tasks that required teamwork, determination and resourcefulness.

Some clues may lead teams to a pit stop where teams can rest and get ready for the next stage of expedition.  Each racecourse will have either two or three stages.  The most important thing is to be the first team to across the finish line and winning the ultimate bragging rights.



  • Acitivity Level: High, suitable for people who are at least 16 years of age
  • Event Duration: 3-hour to 4-hour
  • Group Size: Maximum 80
  • Availability: Contact us by e-mail to inquire availability



  • 3-hour, Vancouver, on foot only
  • 4-hour, Canada Line, on foot and by public transportation
  • 4-hour, Skytrain Expo Line, on foot and by public transportation



For a 3-hour event, it is $49 per person.

For a 4-hour event, it is $59 per person.

The fee includes:

  • 9 to 12 checkpoints and 4 to 5 challenges in the duration of the expedition
  • Pre-event orientation to explain the rules, rundown and logistic
  • Event-day coordination including liasing with venues
  • On-site professional and friendly event staffs
  • Event photos taken by our event staffs and available on The Amazing Hunt’s Facebook page
  • Post-event award recognition
  • All materials, challegnes, equipment and admission fees to facilities
  • The Amazing Hunt official bandanas for each participant
  • Special token for the winning team for bragging rights
  • Special gift for the organizer’s effort for putting this together

Please note that any transportation cost is NOT INCLUDED!


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