Looking for a fun, exciitng and interactive corporate team-building activity?



Trivia Race is based on the popular reality TV show “The Amazing Race” and designed specifically for corporate team-building purpose.  Trivia Race focuses more on the strategic aspect of the racing element while teams encountering “route info”, “detours” and “roadblocks” in questionnaire.  Teams will require navigating the streets, mapping out their route to different destinations, and searching the area for the correct answers.



Trivia Race starts with a pre-race orientation to explain the rules and provides emergency contact.  Then, in the beginning of each leg of the race, there is a challenge for teams to complete in order to receive the trivia questions.  After the teams finish answering all their trivia questions, they may check in at a pit stop to get ready for the next leg of the race.

Our Trivia Race has two different evaluating systems in order to meet with your group’s dynamic.  Teams’ goal is to use the least amount of time and answer the most questions correctly.  Each incorrect answer will incur a penalty.  While some teams may have the speed, but being thorough and detailed oriented can be a force to be reckon with.  As we always say: “slow and steady wins the race!”



  • Activity Level: Moderate to high
  • Event Duration: 1 to 4 hours
  • Group Size: No minimum or maximum requirement
  • Availability: Daily



  • 1 to 4 hours, Downtown Vancouver
  • 2 hours, Central Park
  • 2 hours, Granville Island
  • 2 to 3 hours, Stanley Park
  • 3 hours, Canada Line



For a 1-hour event, it is $29 per person.

For a 2-hour event, it is $34 per person.

For a 3-hour event, it is $39 per person.

For a 4-hour event, it is $44 per person.

The fee includes:

  • From 7 to 25 trivia questions and 1 to 4 challenges in the duration of the race
  • Pre-event orientation to explain the rules, rundown and logistic
  • Event-day coordination
  • On-site professional and friendly event staff
  • Event photos taken by our event staff and available on The Amazing Hunt’s Facebook page
  • Post-event award recognition
  • All materials, challenges and equipment
  • The Amazing Hunt official bandanas for each participant
  • Special token for the winning team for bragging rights
  • Special gift for the organizer’s effort of putting this together

Please note that any transportation cost is NOT INCLUDED!


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