Can you outwit, outplay and outlast like the castaways in “Survivor”?  The tribe has spoken!



King of the Battle is derived from reality TV show “Survivor” where your group will be divided into tribes and compete head to head in group and individual challenges.  Unlike the TV show, you can request whether you choose to vote off anyone during the game.  Kings of the Battle can be a beneficial team-building exercise or a fun and cut-throat competition for stags and stagettes.

There are three different themes that you can choose from in order to meet your group’s dynamic: Brain, Brawn and Mixed.   Your group will compete in over 7 challenges in the course of 2 to 3 hours.  Each challenge is designed to address a variety of team dynamic such as trust, leadership and cooperation.



King of the Battle starts with an opening ceremony to introduce the event and present each tribe.  Your group can be divided into two or three tribes.  In addition, you can select how the tribe is formed prior to the event to allow different departments to connect and collaborate; or you can leave it with us to make the selection at the event and surprise everyone.

Then, each tribe or individual whom we call them “contenders” will start commencing in competitions.  Whether the winning tribe or the losing tribe, based on our secret unique twists, they may both have the opportunity to cast their votes in our “round-table ceremony.”  When the event is progressed to a certain point, some contenders will be merged and be able to advance and fight for the ultimate title of “King of the Battle.”



  • Activity Level: Moderate to high
  • Event Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Group Size: Maximum 24
  • Event Location: Park or beach
  • Availability: Weather dependent, can only host in non-rainy weather



For a 2-hour event, it is $39 per person.

For a 3-hour event, it is $49 per person.

The fee includes:

  • Over 7 group and individual challenges combined
  • Pre-event orientation to explain the rules, rundown and logistic
  • Event-day coordination including liasing with venues
  • On-site professional and friendly event staffs
  • Event photos taken by our event staffs and available on The Amazing Hunt’s Facebook page
  • Post-event award recognition
  • All materials, challenges and equipment
  • The Amazing Hunt official bandanas for each participant
  • Special token for the winner or winning tribe for bragging rights
  • Special gift for the organizer’s effort of putting this together

Please note that any transportation cost is NOT INCLUDED!


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