Welcome to Vancouver’s Own Reality TV Based Adventure


The Amazing Hunt is Vancouver’s own reality TV based adventure. If you are an avid reality TV fan or looking for something new, exciting and unique to do, The Amazing Hunt is what you are looking for. You can enjoy the most authentic reality TV shows experience instantly without going through a lengthy application process, interviews and waiting to be chosen among thousands. Our goal is to bring a sense of adventure into your daily routine and hunting for the ultimate adrenaline rush.




Since September 2004, we host events based on popular reality TV shows like “Big Brother”, “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race.” Our events are the perfect idea for corporate team-building, for celebrating that special occasion with friends and family, and for you to challenge yourself physically and mentally. These events can be held in indoor facilities or at outdoor areas in the Greater Vancouver region. We strongly recommend you to check out our website and contact us by e-mail to inquire for more information. We are able to customize and create a memorable event for you based on your needs.




In celebrating The Amazing Hunt entering its 15th year of exciting adventure in the City of Vancouver, we are running our first ever SUMMER SPECIAL.  This SUMMER SPECIAL will start from July 1 2018 til September 3 2018.  The SUMMER SPECIAL only applies to events that are booked on the weekend in our CITY QUEST and TRIVIA RACE.  Please go to our event page for more details.  As The Amazing Hunt will be officially 15 year old on September 4 2018, we are reinventing ourselves, doing some overhauls and planning something big and upcoming for all of you to explore, experience and enjoy!




Please click on one of the links below for more detailed information.  For any inquiry about The Amazing Hunt, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at theamazinghunt@gmail.com